Procedural Spiders                                                                           package used: Houdini

What are procedural systems?

Procedural Systems are tools that are built to make a task easier and faster.
Building the tool takes some time, but once it's build, it can fulfill a task within the click of a button.

My procedural modelling tool: Spider Generator

 For the procedural modelling class I had to make a tool which could randomly produce varieties of the object, specifically in proportions, without loosing its 'structure'.

Many chose static objects like buildings or guns, but I chose an organic subject: the spider.

The system creates spiders with different proportions in various parts of the body, without detaching those parts.

Each generated spider can be easily adjusted to the liking of the user.

Research document

This document shows the research I did on spider varieties and their structural system.
Procedural Spider Document