I've got your back

Esther Zuidgeest

As a technical artist I enjoy being an integral part of the team that provides tech support for art, optimises workflows, keeps performance in check and researches new techniques.

My technical creativity allows me to pick up tasks that require both math and art insights. That’s not all though. 
My abilities extend further with my soft skills.

I have been called ‘social glue’.
I bridge the gap between artist and programmers and I enjoy working with a team towards a common vision.
I give both constructing and positive feedback to my teammates to build a team that is fun to work in but also gets things done right.
My teamplay extends beyond working hours as I've organised sports activities for me and my colleagues to enjoy. Additionally I care for the office atmosphere and have participated as an employee representative before.

I have a personal interest in creatures, which shows in my rigging. I’ve graduated my 3D visual art bachelor by scanning an actual animal skeleton and digitally assembling and animating it.

Hobbies & interests

Building game prototypes
Creatures and anatomy