Let's build something awesome together

Esther Zuidgeest

As a game developer I enjoy being an integral part of a team that is motivated to create something awesome. Through my extensive experience I can wear many hats and work on what is most critical at that point. Be it building game logic, implementing art assets into smart building blocks or optimising both of those.

My technical creativity allows me to pick up tasks that require both math and art insights. I also speak the language of both programmers and artists and can seamlessly merge their work together into modular building blocks that make for example level design a piece of cake.  That’s not all though. 
Aside from my professional skills, I am also a very social and easy person to work with. I thrive under a good team spirit and a clear vision. If things aren't clear I'm pro-active about finding answers. 

Hobbies & interests

Building game prototypes
Creatures and anatomy