show reel 2019

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This show reel features work I did at Dimenco as a game developer. In a team of 4 we developed several games and experiences to showcase Dimenco's SR hardware. This hardware consists of a 3D lenticular display, hand tracker and 3D audio.  It was fun thinking of new ways to interact with this special hardware setup.

Show reel 2016

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Shows technical artist work done at Dovetail Games.  Coding in blueprints, rigging, time of day system, water shader, slope and weather responsive landscape etc.

Show Reel 2014

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This reel mainly features rigs

Released Games

2018 - Coaster Combat

Watch Gameplay video - himalaya track (most intense level)


  • Level LOD setup
  • Performance analysis (GPU,CPU,Memory)
  • Asset optimisation
  • Audio integration
  • Blueprinting
  • Minor VFX

Read more on performance profiling

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2017 - Anne Frank VR


Anne Frank VR Trailer


  • Improved pointer and gaze UI navigation.
  • Did the setup on the Unreal engine side for localisation. (translations in other languages)
  • Created diary snippet component that can be standalone or attached to an object.
  • Improved the way the devs would navigate the project, so alterations were more easily made.
2016 - EuroFishing

EuroFishing trailer


  • Rigged and skinned main character, fishes and equipment.
  • Created a detailed face rig.
  • Created a fish variation system using blendshapes, material changes and joint offsets.
  • Build water shader with wind, gust and rain effects.
  • Blueprinting (visual scripting)
  • Created a time of day system that drives sun, moon, lights, sky, and fog. 
  • Created clouds and rain fx.
  • Responsive foliage, particles, splashes.
  • Wrote a couple of pymel scripts for animator.
  • Build layered paintable landscape material, that responds to slope and rain and snow amount.
  • Volumetric smoke FX.
  • Researched rig lodding and AI behavior.
  • Rig setup that enabled clothing and face model swapping.

2016 - Train Sim World


Train Sim World Trailer


  • Create a landscape material holding several different layered materials, which you can easily paint on you terrain. The material changes based on slope amount. Rain and snow will affect all layered materials.
  • Made a prototype for train station AI character navigation.
  • Researched how to create LODs for rigged characters, optimizing their animation costs.

Technical Art


I was tasked to research photogrammetry and document the workflow I defined.

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Digitized okapi skeleton

As my graduation project I digitized a box of okapi bones and made it come alive.

This video shows the process

View renders

The Digital Okapi
This project revolved around digitizing a real okapi skeleton for my graduation project. I took the initiative to contact a natural history museum in Holland called Naturalis. I was allowed to work on one of their skeletons, but it had to be done inside the storage chambers of Naturalis itself. There were few skeletons suitable for digitizing. We chose the okapi for the skeleton was of nice quality, the bones were not too big or too small and because it wasn't a very known animal, which would make my work unique.

I used the microscribe 3d digitizer, which was the only option i had at that time. (a student can't afford a new digitizer) It took me 3,5 months before i had digitized 100 unique bones. It took another 2 months to clean up the raw date as shown in the video. In the end I assembled the skeleton and added a blue mesh to represent the cartilage between the ribs. I also wrote a paper on digitizing skeletons.

The research i did into this animal and its closest relative, the giraffe, has given me a greater insight in animal anatomy, behaviour and locomotion.


Procedural Spiders in Houdini                                                             

What are procedural systems?

Procedural Systems are tools that are built to make a task easier and faster.
Building the tool takes some time, but once it's build, it can fulfill a task within the click of a button.

My procedural modelling tool: Spider Generator

For the procedural modelling class I had to make a tool which could randomly produce varieties of the chosen subject, specifically in proportions, without loosing its 'structure'.

Many chose static objects like buildings or guns, but to challenge myself I picked an organis subject; the spider.

The system creates spiders with different proportions in various parts of the body, without detaching those parts.

Each generated spider can be easily adjusted to the liking of the user.


Click here to view a demonstration video of the tool


Research document

This document shows the research I did on spider varieties and their structural system.
Procedural Spider Document


My main rigging skills are included in the 2014 demoreel.
Click here to view my 2014 rigging demoreel

Here is an additional video for a reposable rig.
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Reposable rig

This rig features an extra parent layer which changes the space in which the regular controls move. This preserves the animation and allows for easy adjustments to the rig when for example a characters chest is widened or other proportions are changed. 

This also makes for an easy to setup template that can be used for all characters that share the same joint hierarchy but have different proportions.


Life Drawing

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"I'm right here" music video
Animated most shots of the second half of the video

Animation of okapi skeleton
I animated an ambling walking gait and gallop gait for the okapi skeleton I built.

Animation Reel Playlogic
Several animations I've made for the game EyePet during my internship at Playlogic


Fantasy Drawing
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Monster Salon

This is the result of a 4 day game jam on a pitch I proposed on having the first VR barber/hairdressing experience, but with slighly more unusual customers. I led the development of the project and worked on the hair, foam spray, mirror, interactive elements etc . The hair was set up as a skeletal mesh, which made it combable and a dynamic material which gives the illusion of it getting cut shorter. It was developed for VR on the Oculus platform.

Link to gameplay video

ArcheoType (WIP)
This is a prototype I'm working on in my spare time.
It will be a game that is played by typing the keyboard.

You are a necromancer interested in archeology and excavation. The bones and materials you dig up can be used to combine into creatures or creations.

The goal is to teach the player to touch type; typing fast without looking at your fingers.

Watch the WIP prototype video here



C++ understanding     
Links to code snippets:
Breadth-first search, node graph challenge  


Pointers are memory addresses and are usefull when operating on large classes. Instead of moving or copying classes around, which can be costly memory operations, you can just store and reference their address. 
Lists under the hood are pointers to the first element with a size determined by its class. Accessing the second index of a list just offsets the initial element's memory address by the size of this type's memory.

Other c++ concept competencies

Pass by reference