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Hi! I'm Esther. 
The last 5 years i've been working at Guerrilla Games as a Senior Technical Designer on machine destructibility, machine attacks, interactive objects, combat objects and destructibles.

In the past I've worked with Unreal Engine as a technical artist, utilizing my broad skillset and blueprint ninja skills to tie animations, shaders, 3D models, rigs and vfx into complete assets and smooth player interaction.

I have succesfully released several games at the companies I worked for. (see portfolio)
For the future, I'm looking to work for a smaller studio, making a bigger impact with my versatile tool belt and having more design input.

Check out my latest show reel below or visit my portfolio page to learn more about  my work.

Latest show reel

Showreel 2019

In a team of 4 we developed game prototypes combining several new hardware technologies. These were used as demonstration material for experiencing the hardware through interaction.
I've mainly focused on user and hand interaction. I created modular interaction components that could be easily configured and added to your game.
I also set up game flows and coordinated the team with planning and external communication.

A Breakdown of the reel can be read in the youtube description.

Quick portfolio links

Show reel
Technical Art show reel 2016
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The (technical) art of creating a fishing game
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Released Title
Horizon forbidden west
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Game Jam
Monster Salon VR - game jam
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