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Welcome to my website

Hi! I'm Esther. 
The last 5 years i've been working in Unreal Engine 4 professionally.

I've worked with the engine from many different sides, be it coding games through blueprints, optimizing levels, creating creature look randomizers, creating day and night systems and more.

I have succesfully released several games at the companies I worked for. (see portfolio)  I've recently ventured into a partial leading role, where i coordinate and plan our teams sprints and act as a gatekeeper.

Check out my latest show reel below or visit my portfolio page to learn more about  my work.

Latest show reel

Showreel 2019

In a team of 4 we developed game prototypes combining several new hardware technologies. These were used as demonstration material for experiencing the hardware through interaction.
I've mainly focused on user and hand interaction. I created modular interaction components that could be easily configured and added to your game.
I also set up game flows and coordinated the team with planning and external communication.

A Breakdown of the reel can be read in the youtube description.

Quick portfolio links

Show reel
Technical Art show reel 2016
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The (technical) art of creating a fishing game
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Released Title
Coaster Combat
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Game Jam
Monster Salon VR - game jam
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