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Welcome to my website

Hi! I'm Esther. 
The last 5 years i've been working in Unreal Engine 4 professionally.

I've worked with the engine from many different sides, be it coding games through blueprints, optimizing levels, creating creature look randomizers, creating day and night systems and more.

I have succesfully released several games at the companies I worked for. (see portfolio)  I've recently ventured into a partial leading role, where i coordinate and plan our teams sprints and act as a gatekeeper.

Check out my latest show reel below or visit my portfolio page to learn more about  my work.

Latest show reel

Showreel 2019

Breakdown of the reel can be read in the youtube description

Quick portfolio links

Show reel
Technical Art show reel 2016
View now
The (technical) art of creating a fishing game
Read now
Released Title
Coaster Combat
View gameplay video
Game Jam
Monster Salon VR - game jam
View gameplay video