Photogrammetry workflow test - concrete block

For the next project I was tasked to research a viable photogrammetry workflow.
I've been enjoying this research very much.
There is something satisfying when you take your photos into Reality Capture and see your object being reconstructed in 3D.
I've tested several packages and decided on using the following ones:

  • Photoshop Camera Raw - color correction + light balancing
  • Reality Capture - construct 3d model and reproject texture (its fast)
  • Zbrush - decimate to a low poly model
  • Maya - lay out uv's
  • Substance designer - bake out textures
  • Unity delighting tool - delight diffuse texture

To test out the packages I captured a concrete block in not so ideal weather circumstances. (bright sun)
This added an extra challenge to see how well the software could remove shadows.

Below you can view the broad workflow that resulted from my research, a final result comparison and a visual overview of the comparison I made between agisoft and reality capture.


 Comparison between the real object and the game ready asset


Agisfot photoscan vs Reality Capture

ConcreteRock Presentation